Pobody Nerfect


Nobody’s Perfect. This world isn’t perfect. America isn’t perfect. Hollywood? C’mon. Paul? Paul definitely isn’t perfect. He’s pretty, clever enough, fit, has some talents that make him very useful to his employers and have carved out a niche for him in L.A., but Paul is a deeply flawed man and it shows. He’s a sinner. At the lowest ranks of the Ladder, Pobody Nerfect is known, if not well-regarded, around the city. A skeevy young buck running a trendy little club called “Exuberance|Beauty” in the heart of L.A., Pobody Nerfect is a prototypical Ladder acolyte – he’s wheeling, dealing, sinning, boisterous, social, grinning, backstabbing.

Po is six foot on the dot, short cropped and tussled blond hair on a pretty boy face on a well-sculpted body. His frame’s that of a baseball player, and he usually wears tailored gray or white suits.

In the Consillium, Po is best known for his radical views – sometimes contradictory, he often argues for the most aggressive and socially forward of Ladder policies, often proposing doomed initiatives involving Vulgar magic that fall before Guardian establishment in the city. He’s made clear his views that the Fallen world is disgraceful and that the mages of L.A. should be reaching for the supernal at all cost.

Pobody sometimes works with the Adamantine Arrow, being one of the thearchs of the city that knows and practices combat magic and combat skills.

Pobody Nerfect

Los Angeles: Land of the Young Ribs