Mary Mackenzie was born to a standard suburban family. The second youngest child of 4, she had a rather normal and easily overlooked childhood. Records show she did well in school and was active in a number of activities. With two of her siblings having already being funded through college, Mary was able to secure a partial scholarship to UCLA along with a work-study program that would cover the rest of her tuition. She started off as a communications major, but soon switched to Psychology, mostly due to the efforts of Dr. Daniel Kelsinko, one of the heads of the department. It was also during this time that her awakening happened, partially because of the influences of Dr. Kelsinko, who was also an Awakened.

Her awakening was harrowing, but once she had carved her name into the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet and returned, the doors to a whole new world were opened. Dr. Kelsinko acted as her mentor in ways both mundane and magical, both establishing her as one of the brightest pupils of the Psychology department and within the Mysterium. It wasn’t long before she had graduated magna cum laude and worked through her psychiatry school through the connections her mentor had within the mental health community. During this time she also created a position for herself in the Mysterium under the name of Aleph, a position nothing special but one where her talents were best able to be put to good use.

Dr. Mackenzie runs a small practice in Westwood dealing mostly with trauma therapy. Her track record so far as been stellar, seeming to know just exactly how to connect and understand her patients and the right words and medications to solve their problems. Aleph looks through the minds of the masses, searching for the answers which her order can utilize and preserve.


Los Angeles: Land of the Young Azazia