Character Generation Guidelines

Character Generation:
I’ve basically just ripped these off wholesale from my old game, so thanks Ribs and by extension Ferrinus!
Also, I recommend using Dalines for your character sheets—it’s very tidy and this way you don’t have to mess about with a physical sheet.

Attributes: Start at 1, spend 70 for primary, 55xp for secondary, 45xp tertiary. There’s also an additional pool of 25xp to go wherever you want. Your Path’s favored resistance attribute (Acanthus/Moros/Thyrsus: Composure, Mastigos/Obrimos: Resolve) must be at least 2.
2: 10xp total
3: 25xp total
4: 45xp total
5: 70xp total
During play, the cost to raise Attributes is 5xp x New Rating.

Skills: 78 primary, 48 secondary, 30 tertiary. Skills start at zero. Choose three Specialties.
1: 03xp total
2: 09xp total
3: 18xp total
4: 30xp total
5: 45xp total
During play, the cost to raise Skills is 3xp x New Rating.

Merits: 32 xp
You can spend xp from your Merits pool to buy a second dot of Gnosis for 16xp. Additionally, everyone starts with a free Order Status dot, which also grants a free dot of High Speech. I’d prefer if people didn’t buy goofy Fighting Styles or anything that allows for multiple actions per round, just because this is my first go around and I’d like stuff to be as streamlined as possible.
1: 02xp total
2: 06xp total
3: 12xp total
4: 20xp total
5: 30xp total
During play, the cost to raise Merits is 2xp x New Rating

Arcana: Start at 0, spend 72 xp.
You should have at least three Arcana and both of your Ruling Arcana should be represented—also, they should probably be in your highest three Arcana if you have more than three. Remember it’s advantageous to do this, as you won’t have many rotes and you waive the 1 mana cost to cast improvised spells from your Ruling.
1: 06/07/08 xp total
2: 18/21/24 xp total
3: 36/42/48 xp total
4: 60/70/80 xp total
5: 90/105/120 xp total
During play, the cost to raise Arcana is 6/7/8xp x New Rating

Rotes: Start with 6 dots of Rotes. You can buy rotes from any Order—in the core book it lists an Order rote underneath a spell’s entry. I think it’s a little goofy to say that the Silver Ladder, for example, never developed a rote for throwing lightningbolts or whatever in the huge amount of time since the Fall, or that the Adamantine Arrow doesn’t know how to teach its initiates how to read quickly.
In play, rotes cost a flat 2 xp per dot. They aren’t bought like other traits—if you want a four dot rote, you just spend 8 experience on it, rather than 2 followed by 4 followed by 6 followed by 8.

Finally, after all of that! You get an extra 75 starting xp to spend wherever you like. Additionally, if you have points left over from, say, Attributes or whatever—if you had more points than you needed for your vision of your character, then feel free to roll them into the extra xp pool and spend them wherever you like. I’d like to encourage you not to bump like, two skills up to 5 in each and dump the rest in Arcana or something. While the laser-like, completely autistic focus is rad for assuring highly specific things always work, it sucks when the three of you are, for example, researching something and two of you can’t come up with anything.

Arcane XP: I’m cool with letting you guys spend Arcane XP on things that are not Gnosis. It makes sense that, say, gaining Arcane Experience from seeing other supernatural things would provide you with insights on your own magic. So, it’s perfectly okay to buy Gnosis, Rotes, the Occult skill, Occult skill specialties, Arcana, or arcane merits using your Arcane Experience!

Merit/Skill XP: Every once in a while a character’s actions will gain them a free merit or skill or something, be it Order or Consilium Status or Allies or Resources or something. When that happens, everybody else gets the cost of that merit or skill in special XP, so as to not end up with a character purely by chance becoming way more powerful than everybody else.

A Note:
Mage Stuff: You’re a Wizard! It’s sort of to be anticipated that you’re going to spend an amount of time learning Wizard Stuff—but keep in mind that the more of everything else you sacrifice to your spells and Gnosis and rotes, the less capable you are of interacting with the world and plot without dinging a bunch of Wisdom checks or generating loads of Paradox. Make sure that you still have the ability to do things beyond spellcasting!

Character Generation Guidelines

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